“If you can’t trust the messenger, don’t trust the message”— so goes the famous English saying. This powerful saying is the bedrock of civilised society’s quest for the truth and clarity over various vexing issues. The quest for the truth and certainty is well encapsulated in the famous aphorism of British epistemological philosopher and political theorist, Bertrand Russell, who posed the question— is there any knowledge that is so certain that no reasonable man could doubt it?.

Why a credible voter register is crucial for 2017 polls

Pages 1 & 4

Let us engage our children in productive activities this holiday

Page 6

Alarm as NCDs chew away young Muslims lifes

Page 7: Marhaba: Life & Style

Waqf institution in Kenya; the need for transparency and accountability

Page 10

Muslim women seek self-defense options amid reports of hate crime

Page 12

Governors in North Eastern counties raise alarm over drought

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