The holy month of Ramadhan 2015 has just ended, Idd-Ul-Fitr has been celebrated and now the Muslim community worldwide is moving forward but still faced with many challenges. There are  deadly conflicts raging on in many parts of the Muslim world—Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc. But the cure for these conflicts and uncertainties rests in one virtue— compassion.

Idd-ul-Fitr: Ideal time to strengthen kinship and social ties

Page 6

Nakuru Imams disown cleric at centre of child sex tourism offence

Page 5

Celebrating Idd without undoing Ramadhan gains

Page 7: Marhaba: Life & Style

Why has Zakat failed to improve the lives of Muslims?

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Isiolo leaders want KWS officers charged over extra judicial killings

Page 16

Government might re-impose a curfew in North Eastern

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