We highlight the innocence of Islam as a religion in the Fight against Al Shabaab.

Following the terrorist attack on Garissa University College in which the country lost 149 innocent lives to suspected Al-Shabaab gunmen, there have been calls on the government of Kenya to change its counterterrorism strategies. Many security analysts recommend that counterterrorism strategies should shift from the present reactive approach to the proactive one. But the question  is; can they change to the proactive strategies without proper knowledge of the entire dynamics that the enemy operates in?

Al-Shabaab terror campaign is political and not religious

Pege 2

Garissa attack adds to the many reasons why governors should take charge of security matters

Page 4: Peace and Security for Development (PSD) programme analysis

Muslim Think Tank calls for establishment of centers of excellence

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She is your wife.....not house-help

Page 7: Marhaba

Terrorism is not the Prophet’s Praxis and Practice

Page 10: Opinion

Calls to close Dadaab refugee camp opposed

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