This program design concept seeks to address the youth unemployment and access to livelihood opportunities challenges by providing platforms, mechanisms and pathways necessary towards harnessing local opportunities  created by the government and the private sector.

This program Evaluates, Designs and Delivers  innovative strategies and programs to address local urgent challenges in livelihood options skills access, training, education and also creating greater labour-market demand-driven linkages and opportunities to facilitate access to formal and informal employment as well as other economic opportunities.

The program seeks to continuously prepare and link young people with the local entrepreneurship opportunities, potential employers and over and above encourage the youth to inculcate an entrepreneurial culture.

This program is among other things; all inclusive and targets cross-gender, cross-community, cross-religious as well as cross-cultural  Kenyan youth, from those with low literacy levels to secondary school and university graduates. Engagement of the majority of youth in gainful employment ad other economic ventures will add to self-sustenance- reduce internal and external migration, reduce economic marginalization, promote social cohesion, peaceful co-existence, stability and development of the counties where these youth reside in.


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