KMYA appreciates the fact that issues of conflict, livelihood and governance are intertwined and, therefore, need to be addressed holistically rather than in isolation. Indeed, governance, peace-building 

and human security are key concerns of KMYA. Taking into account the fact that Muslim inhabited areas are characterized by incessant conflicts, the participation of Muslims in governance, peace-building and conflict-prevention and mitigation programs is critical.

Apart from the Transitional Justice programme, KMYA also designed and implemented a project dubbed “Towards realization of Human Rights in urban villages in Kenya.” The objective of the project was to conduct comprehensive civic education on the Bills of Rights and equip them with knowledge on how they can demand for their rights through legally-accepted channels.

Under the same thematic area, KMYA is also implementing the Peace and Security for Development (PSD) project in Coast province. This is a five-year project aimed at enhancing the participation of youth in the various socio-economic and political processes in the Coast region.  Massive civic education on the new constitution has been conducted by the organization to the extent that citizens have appreciated the role of KMYA in creating awareness on civic matters.

KMYA also implemented a project dubbed “bridging the gap between the government and youth in NEP, Nairobi and Coast. The objective of the project was encourage youth participation in socio economic and political development in areas that they coming from. This would ensure youth engage duty bearers in a positive manner and get the services that are offered by the government


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