To succeed in any project or intervention strategies in any aspect targeting at improving the lives of any society, the interventions must be guided my fundamental principles that are founded on facts.

KMYA in all its programing strategies and projects undertakes research activities all tailored towards fact finding to help shape our projects. This is why Research forms the greatest pillar of our core programming. Over the years, KMYA has undertaken various research revolving around the 8 thematic areas that we focus on. The results have all helped shape the foundations of all of our projects. On the other hand, the media plays an important role in shaping opinions, ideals and practices of any society, especially the youth. The advent and penetration of Information Technologies (IT), presents both opportunities and challenges for the youth.

As much as IT presents great business opportunities for the youth, it also exposes and leaves the youth vulnerable to social ills such as pornography. Taking cognizant of the challenges and opportunities presented by ICTs, KMYA established The Muslim Times 360 newspaper as a tool for mass media communication on issues affecting the Muslim community.

Published twice a month, the newspaper has a print order of 15,000 copies which are distributed free of charge across the country— an electronic copy of every issue is also distributed to over 200,000 subscribers and unlimited FREE ACCESS digital readership across the world.

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