KMYA appreciates that education plays a pivotal role in human development and societal progress. In essence, education defines the content and quality of social life in addition to defining the pace and

KMYA is aware that gender is a key thematic subject in human development the world over. It appreciates the special role and position of women in society is increasingly emboldening by virtue of the fact

KMYA appreciates the fact that issues of conflict, livelihood and governance are intertwined and, therefore, need to be addressed holistically rather than in isolation. Indeed, governance, peace-building 

This program is new concept that seeks to address the youth unemployment issues by providing platform to understanding various ways of utilizing lawful opportunities and harnessing  opportunities created

KMYA’s experience of working with a variety of organizations and groups has shown that; by focusing on young people’s skills, strengths and abilities, one significantly increases their propensity to perform

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